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Berthierville / Three Rivers City Overview
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Berthierville is a Canadian town near Trois-Rivières in the province of Quebec.Berthierville is the seat of D'Autray Regional County Municipality.

Berthierville is the birthplace of Formula One race car driver Gilles Villeneuve.

Trois-Rivières (2001 population 46,264; metropolitan population 137,507) is a city on the St. Lawrence River at the mouth of the Saint-Maurice River in central Quebec, Canada, located in the densely populated Quebec City-Windsor Corridor. Contents [hide]

Trois-Rivières is the centre (and unofficial capital) of the Mauricie region. Its inhabitants are known as "Trifluviens" (Trifluvians). It was known to early English settlers as Three Rivers (the name of the Three Rivers High School is a historical witness to this) and is the birthplace of poet and Parti Québécois minister Gérald Godin, writer Madeleine Ferron and Premier of Quebec Maurice Duplessis. Songwriter Félix Leclerc also worked in a Trois-Rivières radio station.

It is a world capital of the pulp and paper industry. Notable historic landmarks include the Ursulines monastery and the Saint-Maurice forge. Trois-Rivières hosts the Grand-Prix de Trois-Rivières, the Trans-Am Series, and the Formula Atlantic [1]. It is officially the "National Poetry Capital of Quebec". Numerous plaques displaying poetic verses are installed across the centre of the city and its International Festival of Poetry honours this title. [edit]

The city was second to be founded in New France, in 1634 by the Sieur de Laviolette, (after Quebec City, before Montreal) and played an important role in the colony. On June 8, 1776, it was the theatre of the Battle of Trois-Rivières (part of the Invasion of the province of Quebec by Americans, who came from the Boston area) during the American Revolutionary War. It has now relinquished some of its importance to the two major cities of Quebec, the metropolis of Montreal and capital of Quebec City but remains one of the principal medium-sized cities of Quebec, along with Saguenay, Sherbrooke and Gatineau.

Berthierville has great opportunities for sport tournaments of all kinds. Sport tourism is a part of Berthierville and features hockey, baseball, softball, basketball, soccer and a host of other sports.

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